Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Russian Dolls

The pictures above can be found at this Russian ebay seller

foxy pink ladies
"Matreshki are not a traditional Russian handicraft; the first one dates from 1890, and is said to have been inspired by souvenir dolls from Japan..."
Look I had no idea all of my friends loved Russian Dolls (aka Nesting Dolls) and ever since Rachel got us some Panda dolls the love has just gotten more intense so I figured what the hey I'll blog'em. I am feeling very Russkie these days being that I have been tearing through "The Idiot" (will blog when done!) and I am second generation Russian so the love of Russian seems natural, het? (that means no, people and please say NO with an accent) Well I know the dolls were Japanese originally and actually that makes sense CUZ I love all things Japanese but really the dolls are the quintessential Russian item.

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Anonymous said...

not familiar with the origin of nesting dolls, but I do credit
crazy Russian ladies, murder, epilepsy and Siberian labor
camps for their vast influence on existentialism.
thanks Fyodor, we're ever indebted!
hope to see you in a few weeks.
we'll be chilling with Arlo! yeah!!!
bunches of hugs, Terri (aka rossangeles'old lady)