Monday, September 11, 2006

Ten Thousand Waves

I know I was away for the whole month of August on "vacation" but it's a vacation in the sense that you are away and spending time with your family but usually that is not a recipe for's more of a fun family thing (was that politically correct enough for everyone?) I am going to fess up now: I have virtual vacations...they take place all over the world and I am always POSITIVE that this vacation will finally be "the one," the vacation of my dreams...a sit on the beach and swim in crystal blue water vacation or a super deluxe relax japanese style vacation. So here I go sharing one of my many virtual vacations with you, Ten Thousand Waves. Ten Thousand Waves is a hour and half drive into the desert from Santa Fe, New Mexico: they have these sweet little japanese houses that you stay in some of them have private outdoor baths. Hot baths, cold baths, hot oil massage, salt scrubs, herbal wraps, the desert, the desert nights (oh how I miss the desert nights!). P.S. did I mention what a scammin' deal it is? Go on, have your own virtual or real vacation, check it out...HERE!

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