Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Alice Neel


Robbie Tillotson

Andy Warhol (of course)

Swedish Girls

Robert Smithson (I love him)

Rhoda Meyers with blue hat

2 girls Spanish Harlem

Woman in pink velvet hat

Since the moment I saw an Alice Neel, I knew I was in love...her paintings all felt so familiar, and they felt easy, like when you see a dancer and you are just so sure you can move like that. She was an empath with paint....When you look at one of her paintings, you actually feel it way down deep kinda in the back of your lungs so you fall short of breath, or your eyes well up with tears from the sadness, you will smile at Robbie Tillotson's sweet peace sign (an incredible & influential artist that died far too young), feel ashamed at invading Robert Smithson's thoughtful stare...& Frank O'Hara, FRANK O'HARA...wow.

Please watch this, it's a trailer for the upcoming documentary on Alice Neel's amazing life.
I think they might need some more dough so if you feel like coughing some up to finish this incredible look into Alice Neels world, you can email SeeThink.

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themoldydoily said...

We are cosmically connected cause I had downloaded that image of the girl with the small kid awhile back and almost did a blog on her- and then thank god you finished the deal. She makes amazing stuff!! thanks