Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Anna Karenina

Look you have either read this book or you haven't, right? READ IT! Anna Karenina is one of the all time best books EVER....a page turner...impossible to put down... a crazy Russian soap opera...VERY SORDID. I have my own particular theories about Karenin and his wife but we can talk when you finish all 864 tumultuous & melodramatic pages. I could give lots away, but why? you should enjoy every word...all the twists and turns...the love OH THE LOVE it kills you. Don't make me tell you again to only read Richard Pevear & Larissa Volokhonsky's translation unless of course you can read Russian (that goes for everything they have translated i.e. MASTER and MARGARITA!!!)
ps Amazon has used copies starting at 90 cents.

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