Friday, October 27, 2006

Bats & Vampires

Hmmm...seems like that silver box was cast in about 1996..but I must say the teeth look super old and sharp. It's worth a look: Authentic Vampire Teeth?

I mean it IS a beautiful antique bat, so what's 5 grand? $5,500 diamond bat

Look I actually do think that this is old...Finian thinks it's a sham but when the Vampire Chihuahua bat comes to kill him...I will feel safe with this AUTHENTIC Vampire killing kit

I think in reality this print would be super cool, but the pic is kinda shabby...Vampire bat print

It's just a beautiful bat print it would look fab up on the wall ...they are so cute.

It's been forever since the 80's and I still am sick of this song...Peter Murphy's droning "Bela Lugosi's dead UNDEAD UNDEAD UNDEAD" and all sorts of new wavers doing the bugstomp, hands clasped and swing 'em over your shoulders dance so, well the Bela Lugosi shirt is not my first choice for a bat accessory -- it's still purdy cool!

Enamel bat pendant Please let me know if you are bidding on this cuz I think I have fallen in love with the blue bat.

Some extras to just look at!

PS in my blogging defense. I have been trying to blog for 24 hours and it REFUSED to work.

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this is an awesome post. You are so good