Monday, October 23, 2006

Beta Band "The Three E.P's"

After 50 miles of Let it Bleed, we popped in another off-the-cuff, sing-along masterpiece, the CD compilation of "The Three E.P.'s" by the Beta Band. These guys broke up in 2004 but their infectiously stoned vibe will live on...We saw them live when this record came out and it was like watching a team of shamans in white lab coats commune with the spirits via the medium of space echo and tambourine. I always forget about this record and then find it once a year and have my mind blown--the perfect one for cruising on the Taconic at 65, watching the trees blur and indulging in my favorite pastime.
ALS here...the above was written by Finian, I just wanna say that I listen to this record a lot more than once a year OK!?

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