Monday, October 02, 2006

Fred Tomaselli opens October 7th

Fred Tomaselli has got a for-real art show at James Cohan. Good news for all of us visual voyeurs--now we can get our fix! I can't wait...oh, wait I hope you know who Fred Tomaselli is cuz if you don't that means you weren't reading my blog, huh? well, that's OK cuz you can just follow this link. P.S. Have you ever noticed how Tomaselli's work resembles the medieval Unicorn Tapestry on view at the Met's Cloisters Museum? You'll have to see 'em person to really appreciate the resemblance: it's in the plants, flowers, birds and vibrant colors against the blackground.


sufferwords said...

That dude us fom O.C. right, I think I knew him back in the late 70's, coulf this be possible? Ask him if you see him Ames


sufferwords said...

'could' erp ooops