Thursday, October 05, 2006

Holiday Cards Yee-Haw Industries

Every year I have these grandiose plans of hand-making all my holiday cards...sometimes it works out but most of the time I end up just flubbing the whole thing and feeling know the printer breaks, my computer crashes, I spill coffee on them, I manage to make 3 of them oh the list goes on & on so this is why I am going to make it easy for me n you. Yee-Haw Industries makes totally cool letterpress cards and at a super reasonable price (around $1-2 per card in boxes of 10) OH make sure you are getting cards and not gift enclosures (unless you want gift enclosures)...the holidaze are just around the corner so get your $%&* together.

I can't remember where on earth I first saw these since it's been a while so SORRY!

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