Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Neil Young "American Stars 'N Bars" + "On the Beach"

I know most of you have heard of both these albums but you know maybe you forgot about them? maybe you heard 'em but not really? or just maybe you never heard of them and now you can be totally stoked to get 2 AMAZING records American Stars 'N Bars & On the Beach. I don't know why I am blogging them at the same time it's just, for me I always think of the two records together cuz forever you could only get them on vinyl (the best way) and so it was always "HEY do you have these Neil Young albums?" and most people would say no and then learn that it was a vinyl was some kind of cool club for Neil Young freaks. Anyways, lucky for all you mp3/cd people now you can get these once rare and precious gems from the almighty Amazon remastered with extra tracks blah di blah. Hey, I still listen to the vinyl but I am not opposed to other methods, especially if they get you listening to great songs on American Stars 'N Bars like Homegrown, Saddle up the Palomino, oh yeah the crazy classic "Like a Hurricane"....and On the Beach just kills me...the love...and man they sound WASTED and awesome on Motion Pictures, Vampire Blues...well every song! GET THESE RECORDS if you don't have them!!!!!

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Blogadelic said...

love is a rose, baby...
these albums are so fuckin awesome