Monday, October 23, 2006

Rolling Stones "Let It Bleed"

Man, went upsate and checked out the Autumn leaves and found ourselves in a mini tornado on the Sawmill Parkway...but it was cool cuz the leaves were having a rasta flip out...all red, yellow & green. We had a crazy family weekend...auctions, barn painting, bog swing jumping & an amazing visit with THE COOLEST girl named, Sunny...who had to fly back to London which leads me to the drive back to was pretty sweet the trees were on the way to being naked and we were jamming out to Let It Bleed. AWESOME...I musta listened to this record at least 1000 times since my dad played it OVER AND OVER when we were kids + it's the Stones so I played it over and over too. I gotta say it's just such an obvious musical choice I mighta forgotton how amazing it really I guess this is a reminder post...listen to Let It Bleed this week, OK!?

Let It Bleed trivia for those interested: released 1969, Keith's first Stones Vocal "You got the silver" (one of my all time favorite songs), Last album before Brian Jones' demise--he died the day the last tracks were being recorded; it also has the awesome Robert Johnson cover "Love in vain." Plus...Honky Tonk Woman, Sweet Virginia & Sister Morphine were recorded during the Let It Bleed sessions but the latter two tracks were released on Exile on Main Street (Honky Tonk Woman was the b-side of the "You can't always get what you want" 45!).

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arlitosway said...

I love you. thanks for inspiring me to rock.