Thursday, January 18, 2007

Treehouse Brooklyn

Look closely in this photo do you see the magical craft creature?

I just love Siri & Rebecca sooo much that I could hardly even think of how to blog them and their great shop without sounding like a it turns out it was a good thing I waited to get all bloggy on Treehouse Brooklyn because NOW I can tell you all about their beautiful shop and the totally fun and inspiring classes that you can sign up for, BUT HURRY:
Decoupage, Embroidery, Junk to jewels (necklaces & bracelets), Junk to Jewels (earrings),Crochet a hat, Crochet a scarf, Beginner knitting (scarf), Knitting in the round (hat) & Bookmaking one (accordion style)

Lemme start by saying that Siri & Rebecca welcome everyone into Treehouse with so much love and openess that all you can do is have a seat and start chatting until you are forced by all the hand made dresses, shirts, skirts, bags, cards, jewels & objects to start making friends with them too....I found myself trying on the craziest, tightest hot little tops (Siri's fabu handiwork), dresses & Baubles (Rebecca's fabu handiwork) I actually got my most favorite pair of vintage shorts that are so huge on me that my husband snatched them...(I snagged 'em back) Treehouse carries all the coolest most innovative designers like FeRaL cHiLdE, 31 Cornlane &
Hodge Podge and more more more. I have to say that I have been taking a patternmaking class with Cal (
Hodge Podge blog)at Make Workshop in the city. In the past this kind of class (FIT, Parsons & other strange places) has brought me to tears or anger, huddling in a corner rocking back and forth--you will get none of this in a Cal class because SHE CAN TEACH and she has a heart (most important in a teacher). I made a flat pattern with my measurements of a skirt and a t-shirt and they actually fit and look cool SO I can personally recommend taking one of Cal's classes at Treehouse (the crochet & embroidery classes)...BUT I am sure that all the classes RULE cuz that's how these girls roll...with the best intentions and with the coolest girls!

430 graham avenue (between withers and frost sts)
brooklyn, ny 11211

#(718) 482-TREE (8733)

**lemme know if you are going to take a class, we can carpool**


hodge podge said...

aaaawwww, thanks for all those sweet words! i'm so glad you're enjoying the class. treehouse and hodge podge love you too!

themoldydoily said...

I HEART Siri- I wish I could carpool with you to the classes- WAAA. Too bad Los Angeles is so damn far to carpool.
xo I wanna decoupage and stuff


Oh kime if we could only be neighbors would be so fun i heart you