Thursday, November 09, 2006

Al Di La Trattoria

First of all, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to AMY LOU STEIN...she brings us 99.9997% of the amazing stuff on ITBK...LUV YOU!
We celebrated at Al Di La on 5th Ave in Park Slope. A warm, rainy night--perfect for Venetian food in a casual spot whose name means 'over there.' I don't know how to say this so I'll come right out: the food is incredible. By the time we dug into the pear tart with bittersweet chocolate we were on some other plane of gastronomy...Get the gnocchi Malfatti 'deformed' or the whipped cod or the galetto 'little chicken'....!#$!^!&^%!

OK, it's time for me to say some stuff!
I have been trying to eat at Al Di La for 4 years and last night I finally made it. It's one of those places of food lore and usually the main line is "OH, Al Di La is my FAVORITE restaurant" and you know it's really hard to believe that anywhere has food THAT GOOD?!@# but MAN let me tell's a real, honest to goodness MECCA of food nirvana...DID YOU HEAR ME? A MECCA. The restaurant itself is beautiful, full of velvet drapes, windows, chandeliers & other perfectly placed ephemera...on entry the owner Emiliano Coppa, a beautiful Italian man will hopefully find you a place to sit (I have heard of over 1 hour wait times) and you will have a chance to browse the amazing wine list and venetian menu. Our waiter, Kevin, was totally cool and helped us pick out some killer treats & amazing entree's (but I suppose you really can't make a mistake because everything tasted amazing...even the espresso was stupendous) all cooked by Al Di La's genius chef, owner & Emiliano's wife, Anna new food crush!
Al Di La is located in Park Slope at 248 5th Avenue at the corner of Carroll Street 718.783.4565

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