Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Happy Birthday

It's my birthday and it usually falls on or around election day and, well the past 6 years have been a major bummer for the morning in 2000 when I woke up and found out that, that, that (well I can't even say his name) was president so NOW I can finally have a politically successful birthday WHAT A DAY HELL YEAH!!!!! So to all of my fellow Scorpio's....Leigh, Don, Pria 'n Steve, Kime, Tina, Steve H, Angelo & whoever else I am spacing HAPPY BIRTHDAY! SCORPIOS RULE


clare said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY DAY TO YOU for soooo many reasons!!! i wish i could email you a CAKE. xoxoxo

themoldydoily said...

I have the gift and it will get there I SWEAR...I've been swamped with the Rose bowl and yucky stuff- YAY for a good political birthday!