Friday, November 10, 2006


It's been so long since I have seen the wonderful, talented, totally foxy, hilarious & sweet as anything KEITH BOADWEE!!!! So I decided to google him like any 21st century blogger would. I found him in the manifestation of BOADWEE BLOG and wow was I STOKED! It's like I can get my dose of Keith without stalking him all the way to San Francisco where he is teaching at the SFArt Institute! SO I could tell you some things about Keith and his amazing talent...or for those of you who have entered Chez ITBK--then you have seen his Marge Simpson greeting you from the top of the stairs. He is always pushing the envelope, making you think and laugh at the same time & somehow he can make things that might not be so beautiful...well, beautiful. It's impossible for me to get into it all cuz wow, has this dude caused a ruckus in the art world! Thanks to blogging now you can get into him on a daily basis so CHECK HIM OUT!

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