Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gnomes & Fairies, Knitwear In Fashion, Art To Wear, Acme Library, Free Press

So my pal Kime inspired me (what's new?) to share some of my favorite books with you...since my blogging time is limited today I can't scan any images...I promise these books are gorgeous inside.

Look, I couldn't really find the Jan Messent book that I WANT but it's called Knitted Gnomes & Fairies. (and it's super pricey cuz it's out of print) So you are going to have to search yourself...

It's impossible to not LOVE AND ADORE Chris Ware and the Acme Library is an incredible compilation of some of his most masterful and genius personal fave: Rusty Brown & Chalky White (I relate).

Free Press: Underground & Alternative Publications 1965 - 1975 I really think the title says it all....every single page has out-of-this world thinking, drawing, writing, collage and's all the thinkers/creators who were living, seeing & doing WAY outside the lines to let the people know what was GOING ON...I love this book I got it for my man and for Kime cuz it's so COOL (and i think they are sooo cool).

Kime just blogged Art To Wear and I remembered this amazing book and WISHED I still had a copy of it floating around, alas it's gone...probably in some box at some old pal's house or loaned out? who knows? anywhooo I want it I want it.

Knitwear In Fashion is SO AMAZING....the book is chock full of knits from Vivienne Westwood to Betsey Johnson to Missoni and on and on you can't help but be inspired and blown away by the talent on these pages... (the link is for the soft cover)

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