Wednesday, December 06, 2006

How to keep Basil fresh

Listen I know you have had a balled up rotten bunch of black slimy leaves in a bag somewhere in your fridge at some time---haven't you? Well maybe you won't admit it but it's been one of the banes of my culinary existence. THANKS to the forever wonderful Clare Crespo my problems have been solved and I would like to share (cuz when you have a 2 year old your life is about learning to share)

Put your bunch of basil in a glass/vase with water and cover it with a clear bag VOILA fresh basil for works.


clare said...

awww listened to me? now i wanna send you a bucketful of basil cause you made me feel nice!

The Reverend Winsome Brown said...

The same is true for parsley.