Monday, December 11, 2006

Sublime Stitching

How cool is Sublime you all know, I am totally crafty so it makes sense that I, the punk rock craftmare, would love to own all of these patterns...I especially want the Unicorn Believer & Craftopia (all the patterns kiggass)...I know that until I am finished with the projects at hand (sewing a dress, skirt and baby shirts, knitting about 6 scarves & a bulky hat & the saddest of all, figuring out why my silkscreens all wash out) I am absolutely NOT ALLOWED to indulge in any new projects!@#!$! I am just gonna pretend that maybe, just maybe I will have time ONE DAY to take on some embroidery. So for all you embroiderers or embroidery wanna-beez I think Sublime Stitching is the place to indulge your rainbow thread fantasies.

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