Monday, December 18, 2006

Torta De Aceite, Prosecco & Burrata

Well another Chronikkah has come and gone at ITBK HQ and it was awesome (even though we all missed Katrina & Allison ) lots of love, yummy food, gifties, chatting, prosecco, jamming and of course.... :)

We wanted to share some of our yummy food ideas with you since it is the holiday season.
Totally get some PROSECCO, our drink of choice this holiday season. A sparkling white wine from the Veneto region of Italy that beats champagne (we drank a lot and are headache free this morning)...
For the last 4 years we have served fresh (the only way since it's flown in from Italy) BURRATA, I like to refer to it as the whip cream of cheeses because it's basically fresh cream housed in a shell of fresh mozzarella that's usually wrapped in an asphodel leaf which in ancient Greek mythology is the food of the dead and was sacred to's decadent & delectable and a beautiful Chronikkah tradition along with fried Scarmorza which was replaced this year with Prima Donna an aged dutch Gouda that has hints of caramel, butter and, well it always gets referred to as nutty (like me).
And finally Torta De Aceite; If you can find Tortas De Aceite in your local market get them! This is just the kind of treat that being a foodie is all about...of course I am partial to the sugared tortas but the savory ones are just as yummy. I know you can get them at Murray's in the West Village or you can order them from a couple of spots online:La Mesa or Casa Oliver.

Hey and while you are at it pick up some Marcona almonds, YUM! we had some for our guests but they got devoured before hand.

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