Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Agent Orange

"Bloodstains, speed kills, fast cars, cheap thrills, rich girls, fine wines i've lost my sense i've lost control i've lost my mind" Bloodstains is the long lasting hit off of one of my favorite albums "Living in darkness" I for sure have had the same copy of this record since high school and my LP is totally battered and worn--snap, crackle pop style--but I just scream a little louder and the pops sound RAD. This is one of those records you actually can sing to, even if you suck and are tone deaf (like me); I seriously know every word to every song by heart as they are etched into my brain for eternity. Catchy, loud, angry, smart, funny and poppy as anything these dudes were it: THEY were the Southern California skate punk sound--and they ROCKED it for the rest of us. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of other awesome SoCal bands but nobody was covering (at least it wasn't making it through to all of us hardcore kids in Detroit) the Ventures and wailing on guitar with just that certain kind of skate/surf/pop/punk catchy power! Their guitar riff's have been ripped off and made into millions of $$ by certain other bands that you have all listened to lots...so if you want to get a record that has SONG after SONG after SONG that you just can not help but sing along with (and sound great) GET THIS RECORD ON VINYL or CD


sufferwords said...

Didn't Agent Orange sue the Offspring for ripping off the riff they ummm borrowed from Dick Dale for some horrible hit song and make plenty o'$$, if my suspect memory serves me correct. You rule mama



Dude of course!!!! I had no idea they actually SUED.....you know about the whole thing with Adam Siegal and Metallica? you gotta ask him it's totally bogus. I love you pete CUZ YOU RULE