Friday, January 05, 2007

Eugene Ionesco "Story Number 1"

Another one of our favorites is Eugene Ionesco's "Story Number 1" with beautiful illustrations by Etienne Delessert (check out his animation). It's the story of a Josette, a funny little girl, her parents who have had too much dancing, wine & food to wake up & the nanny, Jacqueline. This is totally out of print and is easily worth the $25 - $40 it can run. The story is hilarious and the pictures are an absolutely psychedelic surreal freak-out! I only found two people selling the book and I included the links below. (This is an excellent gift!) **oh, and it is for sure not just for children under 3!**
Ebay buy it now
Ebay buy it now

**thanks to Rosie, Josh, Faye & Violet for handing it down to us**

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annulla said...

Sorry, but the e-mail link didn't work so I'll answer you here.

To make a store you must first join the Amazon Associates program. There's a link all the way at the bottom of Amazon's home page that says "Join Associates." That'll get you started.

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