Wednesday, January 31, 2007

KIKI SMITH @ The Whitney Museum NYC

Hi pals I have been meaning to tell you about the Kiki Smith show cuz it's WONDERFUL and it's only up for another 2 weeks, it goes down on February 11. I have so much to say about what an inspiration it is to get to see such a creative and inspirational force. Kiki Smith has somehow managed to work in just about every medium; sculpture, sewing, painting, drawing, glass blowing, video, silkscreening, photography and collage just to name a few. The reason I haven't posted is cuz I have so much to say about her...and I have not really had much time so my apologies on the short not so informative post BUT I REALLY WANT YOU TO go see this if you can, OK?!?!?!
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themoldydoily said...

Oh--bummer- I L O V E love love Kiki Smith- why do I always miss the good stuff? Is it super rad? XOXO enjoy it for me.