Monday, January 08, 2007

Lucali in Carroll Gardens

My family and the beautiful Castronovo family had a stupendous meal the other night....Much has been said about this new Carroll Gardens pizza place--pizza is SERIOUS business in New York and Lucali is SERIOUS, I MEAN, mouth watering, crunchy, perfectly thin, exquisitely sauced & the fresh Mozzarella is all you need to die and go to pizza heaven. I can't even get into the ricotta calzone cuz I might start to cry; it bordered on dessert, OK?!@#? We all sat at a giant wood table, feeling as if we were in some tiny town in Italy in the 1800's: twenty-foot ceilings with a dim glow emanating from the massive hand-made brick oven and beautifully melted candles on all the tabletops. Now, should we talk about how super nice everyone was? SO NICE!...the kinda nice that makes you proud to live in the neighborhood (or next door at least). Mark even made our girl (Addie, 2) a little mini pizza (fresh mozzarella and all!). Can you tell I am in love? I might just give up my sleazy pizza ways and only eat at Lucali...I'm serious.

PS If you dig wine with your meal make sure to bring a bottle or two to wash away each delectable bite! (oh, this will lead me to my next LONG overdue post)


718.858.4086 575 Henry Street Brooklyn

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Tracy said...

amy--i think their policy of charging a corkage fee when they don;t sell wine is nasty and after having that experience--wherein the owner went on and on about how it costs money to wash the glasses and take out the trash and the tables don;t turn fast enough--and this was during the soft opening--i just winced for the owners bad business idea--if he sells wine, fine--charge me a fee--but otherwise, be happy for my business and interest and willingness to bring in my own wine and enjoy the food. sadly the petite crevette which i can review for you if you want a guest reviewer on your site is also doing the same--i think it is a bad trend in the making and should be discouraged. all for now--your blog is darling--tracy


Ok, my personal response here! We have never been charged a corking fee & honestly I SWEAR! everyone we have encountered at Lucali, be it the customers, staff, owners, owners relatives, dogs walking past whatever---EVERYONE has been so nice & it is the best pizza on earth so my darling Tracy (who has excellent taste) PLEASE go back...and even if they charged you a corking fee...the pizza is WORTH IT!