Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Smith & Vine in Cobble Hill

I can't leaving you hanging, can I? I mean how can you go eat at Lucali if you don't have any wine? Smith & Vine is the place. First off, they have an incredible selection. Second off, it's all super sweet guys (for the ladies: they are super cute, too)....and not just pretty faces--these dudes are smart, play excellent music and KNOW THEIR WINE (and scotch 'n sake). My first trip into Smith & Vine was like going to hang out at a friend's house. The beautiful & sweet Michelle, who runs the place with Patrick, helped us pick out some excellent wines all from the $10-and-under table. Of course, we have deviated and made some more expensive purchases but honestly You CANNOT walk out of there with a bad bottle! We are totally addicted to the Nuhar, a fruity and deep Sicilian red that will run you a whopping $9, Luzon Verde (our first true love), any Rioja, the Prosecco ($14) or the Spanish sparkling white* called Cava. So if you live in the 'hood (or you are into online wine), you wanna get treated nice & get a great price on some excellent wine, hit up Smith & Vine

246 Smith Street in Brooklyn

oh, and hey, if you want to get some cheese, olives, chocolate, meats, bread, torta de aceite or some yummy pears in wine just walk across the street to Stinky, their new fancy specialty shop....you might not even make it to Lucali!

*Champagne is really just sparkling white wine made in the French region of Champagne, although now it's just kind of the word for sparkling white wine

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