Monday, February 26, 2007

Brieana Ruais and her amazing world

Cat and Net
Organs without Bodies

Time For Tea
HAAK "Getting to Know Your Stranger"

Victorian Odalisque in Her Natural Environment

Married In The Seventies


Brieana's amazing adornments...(GET ONE, I DID)

Performance in Union Square (detail of piece)

Renaissance Wedding Dress Sleeve

2 weeks ago Sunday my friends Siri & Cal got me OUT of the easy feat for anyone...and they were very gracious and tolerant of my love of everything I came in contact with (socially-starved mother that I am!). So I found myself at the Little Cakes/Secret Project Robot "Double Organ Valentines Day Extravaganza" in can read the previous post on Saviour Scraps to get the rest of this story!
Brieana Ruais is 1/4 of "Saviour Scraps". Brieana had made the most amazing little sentient creature adornments that were dangling off of the side wall of the cabin...suede, thread & beading all sewn into a victorian snake necklace. I can try to tell you how beautiful they were but you know energy is energy--they had some magical power energy, so feel my word vibes! At first I was going to be the sweet wife and get my husband a snake but then I decided I HAD to have the shell necklace (very similiar to the snakes but with a button for love & purdy shells that Brieana found on vacation with her parents, when you move the shells make an excellent sound) Brieana MAKES THINGS, she seems to cross into every medium like some kind of nomadic creator and she ends up with pieces that are so amazing, thoughtful & difficult (even though she makes them look easy, like ballet or something), it's hard to gauge how she can keep digging into her mind-well and hit such an emotional nerve with each and every piece.
Spend some time on her site...let her know how RAD she is and get one of her amazing creatures to wrap around your neck.

PS...Hey and don't you just wanna curl up with a poppy field blanket?
(This is part TWO in a multi-part post on the people involved in Saviour Scraps...stay tuned!)

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hodge podge said...

yes, brieana is most certainly a genius. actually, all 4 scrappers are! can't wait for the rest of the posts... i am inspired to do some creative embroidering!