Monday, February 19, 2007

Saviour Scraps Part one

I am pretty sure anyone and I mean anyone who sees the creations of Saviour Scraps will have their mind blown. These four ladies create entire spaces out of donated scraps of fabric. It's kind of the enormity of all these little pieces of thrown away fabric that have been knotted, braided, corded,woven and wound into cabins, cases, swings, shelves, flooring and walls that makes you feel like anything is possible and life is awesome. I personally have only seen Cabin Comforts....a Cabin completely made out of (yeah, you already heard it) scraps of fabric, complete with a swing, TV and shelving. The interior of the cabin was full of art that one of the four Saviours or one of their many friends made: crocheted hair, tiny little metal hand sawed legs, necklaces made out of chain and sewn fabric that were so beautiful (of course the one we all wanted was NFS), hand-painted/screened & stuffed sculptures, amazing suede, beaded and sewn snake necklaces (see part two), dresses & wow, way too much stuff for my mommy brain to remember! Oh--one of the things that I liked the most was the applique wall, an interactive wall where we, the cabin guests, could choose from a giant bag of saved scraps and scrap our own creation and then attach it to the wall. They just want everyone to feel right at home and get saved with them...and honestly, I have been waiting for this messiah for a long, long time!
One of these evenings I am going to head over to Monkey Town to check out "Nest," a Saviour Scraps massive year long installation that is seemingly growing out of every available space in the dining area creating a nest-like experience. One of the things that is difficult for me is explaining things in words that really need to be seen and felt...I feel I can't, with words, create an environment or space in your brain so you can begin to grasp the beauty, texture and love that being within a Saviour Scraps space can give you--ya know? I hope you all make every attempt to check out Nest and I will make every attempt to keep you up to date on whatever these amazing girls are doing. OK? deal!
Saviour Scraps are:
Katie Kline, Jojo Li, Brieana Ruais, Shabd Simon-Alexander
PS Here are the links for
LITTLE CAKES & SECRET PROJECT ROBOT the galleries resposible for hosting the flip book party where we saw the CABIN. Little Cakes & Secret Project Robot always have the most amazing things to should sign up for their mailing lists! Thanks Little Cakes & Secret Project Robot.

**next post on Brieana**

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themoldydoily said...

WOW-you were right- this is amazing! These are the things I dream about when I sleep. Thanks for that awesome post. XO