Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"Altar of Fire" by Robert Gardner & Frits Staal

If you know my little family you know that we might be moving? To where? who knows...could be Texas, California or Massachusetts. Anyways friends are always asking me "so what is Finn studying?" which leads me down a super long path of explanation that is like most of my explanations, full of non-sequiturs and slightly informative but mostly confusing-- so I have decided to post this amazing clip from "Altar of Fire," a documentary that was made in the 70's by Robert Gardner & Frits Staal who captured for the first time on film a Vedic fire ritual.
When you watch it you should know that the songs they are chanting are based on poetry & melody that have been orally transmitted the SAME WAY for at least 3000 years, perhaps much longer. One specialist in Veda even goes so far as to call them 'tape recordings' of prehistoric chants. Check it out! xoxoxo me


clare said...

mind blown.

GUS said...

When you build your altar of fire, we will come.

Gayathri said...

i count seen any videos can u pls upload
thanks in advance

Nama said...

Hi! Where can I get this video? I am unable to find it on the internet. I am very interested to watch it. Please help.

Nama said...

P.S. - I am looking for the full version.



HI to anyone wanting the complete version you need to go this site! thanks amylou