Monday, March 26, 2007

Amikole's Shea Butter

I am blogging this because honestly it's a huge part of our lives....we have used Amikole baby butter EVERYDAY for almost 4 years. Amikole takes organic shea butter and blends it with blue chamomile and lavender...the baby butter smells AMAZING & we think it's got magic powers. It can make any oww-eee feel loved, any rash feel soothed and comfort even the most cracked-up hands. You should try and read up on all of LAVENDER'S healing powers--OK, i'll name just a few: sunburns, insect bites, insomnia & restlessness and honestly we always travel with pure Lavender oil and now we never leave home, not even to the grocery store without a little Amikole's.
Oh our other super favorite product is the Shea Butter salt scrub, truly the BEST scrub! This is some serious high quality product. DUDE: spa at home, it can work!

PS Check out Amikoles cuz she makes all sorts of incredible baby butters: Hair butter, Chocolate butter, Blossom butter, Love butter, Lavender butter, Ice butter & just plain old Shea butter YAY AMIKOLE

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