Friday, March 09, 2007

Plastic Bottles,Bisphenol A, Enviroblog & EWG

"Bisphenol A (BPA) is an ingredient used in plastic bottles and in the lining of food cans. BPA has been shown to be toxic in low doses, and has been linked to breast and prostate cancer, diabetes and infertility. Pregnant women and infants are most at-risk, and yet there are currently no safety standards established."

EWG is trying to raise awareness while raising funds....due to the massive amount of press regarding BPA in plastic bottles, glass bottles are selling out everywhere so most moms are turning to ebay hoping to find some glass. Here is the LINK to the glass bottles that EWG has for sale on ebay and to read more about BPA and how it's part of your daily life click HERE
HEY don't forget to read ENVIROBLOG
**I can dig it...nobody wants to know the bad stuff but it's ok to know cuz then you are better equipped to make decisions and it's important OK?**

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