Monday, March 26, 2007

Foldschool is SO RADICAL

So once again one of my all time favorite sites, Inhabitat (run by the friendliest folks), Posted the COOLEST thing...Foldschool it's a downloadable pattern for making a rocker, stool or a chair out of single layered 4mm cardboard all by YOUR lonesome, yes no excuses reason to rush out to IKEA to purchase an end table when all you have to do now is a little dumpster diving(for the cardboard, unless you want some new stuff), plug in your printer, learn some origami then before you know it, VOILA a rocker!

OH and if you want to purchase the cardboard go to ULINE I had loads of help from a super nice girl named Tara and we figured out (with her math genius) if you want to make all 3 projects + the SAMPLE (please make the sample first PLEASE otherwise you might get angry :)it's worth it to go for the 25 sheet pack cuz it's 14 sheets total for all the Foldschool projects.

Nicola Enrico Staubli the designer behind these wonderful FREE designs is excepting donations so once you get rocking think about keeping this awesome, and did I already mention Free site, going.

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take that IKEA...