Monday, April 30, 2007

31 Corn Lane

I can't really say who this post is for???? Hmmm, let's see: all the people who asked "hey where didja get that wallet" & "hey where didja get that belt"; or for Nadia (she digs Dachsunds of the mini variety...maybe you have met Oona the lovely?) or Adam 'n Tina who love Tennis style... It could be for just about anyone who likes rad stuff. I mean, HOW CUTE IS THIS STUFF!!!?!?!*#$ SO CUTE, OK, so go get some: you can shop online HERE or at the fabulous Treehouse in some other spots that you can find here at 31 Corn Lane

PS How perfect is the belt (I wear mine every day) and it's only $5 can you believe it?

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