Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Olsen & Johnson's CRAZY HOUSE

I was in need of a brain cleanse last night so I headed down to Film Forum. I didn't really care what was showing, as long as it was B & W and funny--lucky for me I walked in to a 3 week run of "B-Musicals." The place was packed; what I really love about the Forum is that every retrospective series brings a different set of freaks & fans out of the woodwork...
"Crazy House" is the sequel to Olsen & Johnson's "Hellzapoppin." Man, these two funny guys are so RAW! You can get a taste of their surreal fun here and even better, HERE, but you should dig the full-lengths. The music and dance are insane--natural and athletic and mind-blowing, real Vaudeville stuff. (I mean, watch this swing sequence!) "B-Musicals" runs at Film Forum through April 19th, usually 2-for-1. I don't think there's any more O & J, but go down there and see what turns up...I promise you'll leave with a big, fat, lobotomized smile on your face.

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