Thursday, April 12, 2007

Frankies 457 OLIVE OIL

So Y'all know what crazy foodies we are over here, right? We have a tendency to up the tastebud ante so high that only the very best will do--we are so spoiled it's starting to border on culinary insanity (that's what happens in NYC). Like most couples we have argued for years on what & where to eat but the fights have ceased thanks to our favorite and LOCAL (phew!!) restaurant, Frankies 457, the empire known as Frankies Spuntino. Now if you have been reading ITBK for awhile you will have already read about the amazing Frank Castronovo & Frank Falcinelli--and their incredible Frankies family--because when you eat at any of their restaurants you will see that beyond the perfect gnocchi, meatballs, cheeses, wines & treats that everyone who is dining, working or just hanging out and drinking has that kind of culinary grin you can only get from pure food love and good vibes...which leads me to the secret potion....THE OLIVE OIL. I know, it's the truth, I SWEAR that Frank & Frank went to Sicily and selected the olives themselves; they scoured the South of Italia for the finest olive groves and you will believe it when you actually pour out some of this pure liquid green gold. SO I highly suggest that next time you plan on enjoying a meal at home be sure to get yourself the finest olive oil you will ever taste...and here are all the places you can get it:

**to purchase online or to find a list of vendors click HERE
**Stinky (of the Smith & Vine empire, the nicest folks with the yummiest everythings!)
**and for all you Daily Candy people you might wanna click here for a secret deal.

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