Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Side Street Projects PHANTOM BALL!

Sam Durant

Laura London

Daniel Joseph Martinez

Monique Prieto

Alison Saar (my fave)
(STILL available for purchase from years past!!)

SO it's time again for another PHANTOM BALL! YAY rembember last year when we all had the opportunity to purchase our very own TIM HAWKINSON for only $100? WOW! well it's time again to support one of ITBK'S favorite non-profits... just a $100 donation (you can always give a little more if you feel flush with $$ : ) can kick start your contemporary art collection with a fablious piece of art by Mathew Monahan plus you get the added pleasure of keeping Side Street Projects alive & kicking. So get your invite to the Phantom Ball...the party that never ends and never happens! YAY!

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