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Dude, I love love love the Van Halen and I don't know that I realized how very much until I was driving over Laurel Canyon a couple of months was really bad stop-and-go traffic on the way over into Hollywood and this guy in a white benz kept pulling up beside me , smiling and winking...He definitely had that aged-rocker but still kinda cute look and I was having a hard time placing him! I kept kind of thinking "is that fucking Iggy Pop?", until he rolled down his window and said "I'm sure you get this all the time, and no disrespect, but I would just like to tell you that you're a very beautiful girl" !! And then he flashed me that GRIN!! I was like "HOLY FUCKING SHIT, THAT'S EDDIE!!!!" Which then turned me into a blabbering, giggling schoolgirl who was just spoken to by a real bonifide guitar GOD--which is exactly what eddie is. Try to argue.
As far as the band goes, I can't get all musician-technical and I'm not an expert on their entire catalogue (especially the post-Roth days), but I know this. Nobody sounded like them before they came out, and nobody's been able to come close since. That rocking, swinging, shredding sexiness will always make me happy when i hear it. If you're ever in a funk, listen to 'Ice Cream Man' really loud and then tell me you don't feel better. And, i think that I heard that their doing a reunion tour with David Lee Roth?!


Hi I will totally forward this to Rachel because she got to see them at the US festival my bitchy older sister never took me to the show so i didnt have a ride and i am stillupset to this day. Also, She went to the "Summer Strut" to see Iron Maiden, Scorpionsand somebody else my mom gave her money to buy us t-shirts and we waited all sunday being bored out of minds with nothing toeat and nothing to do except watch Roots. Anyways when she came home she said she actually bought us the shirts put them down on her chair and during the show somebody stole them. I was so dumb and young back then i actually believed her. I know she smoked and drank the money. Like i said before i'm still upset to this day that she never took me to the big summer festivals. Rachel got to go because she had a cool sister. Even though she did faint for a second at the US festival. I did manage to get an US festival shirt though that i wore to school the next day. I didn't know what to say when people asked if i had went to the show i felt a little fake. Also hold out because Rachel actually served Diamond Dave at McDonalds in south pasadena, back then they had the ridiculous outfits too polyester. okay you got to hear that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katrina Siegmund Gagnon

I'd say... she's runnin a lil' bit hot tonight, i can barely see the road from the heat coming off the street... reach down.. between my legs.. ease the seat back...
Hawt damn! i fuckin love me some van halen!
really, there's nothin better than those diamond dave high kicks in spandex and the stoney eyed eddie gettin noodle-y doodle-y on the guitar. i'm doing some dreamin about hanging in cabo wabo land right now drinking frosty margaritas wearing frosty pink lipstick, hair teased up and lots of neon, maybe a lil' cocaine off the swimming pools wet bar.
Also remembering driving the 101, windows down, hair whipping around, shifting gears hot surfer boy named PJ riding shot gun and singing at the top of my lungs, "runnin with the devil"
Van Halen is just a Sexplosion of Fun. Ya know?

I had a front row ticket to see VH in 1984. problem was the dudes I was going with had already seen the show the night before and wanted to scalp. (the blood is already starting boil as it does every time I tell this story.) They wanted money for spring break and they argued with me that I could always see them next year. I went along like a good little peer pressured bitch and sold my ticket for $70. There was no "next year."
so so sad


Van Halen, along with Led Zeppelin, meant only one
thing to my teenage psyche: WEED. Van Halen was the
music to be a stoner by. It corralated with my
discovery of pot and how it made music more than
music. It meant driving around in the daytime in a
tricked out Chevy Nova with a packed metal pipe that
burned your upper lip every time. You popped in Van
Halen (that first album, I still can't believe that's
what they came out of the gates with, perfection!) and
you air-guitarred, air-drummed and sang your heart out
with your crew. I listened to that album so much that
I ruined it for all time and still cannot listen to it
today. Sorry!

Ross suggested
Crazy From The Heat David Lee Roths excellent bio!

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clare cupcake said...

this post should be a book. nice one!

kime said...

When I was in the 8th grade they had some Joy RIDE in the back of david lee Roth's limo contest on MTV. I told my mom I wanted to enter it and she said you had to be 18. When I was 17 I went to see the Poison/ DAVID lee Roth show with my friend and she ended up having front row. I had waist length pale sun-in hair and was on the track team- so I looked sort of young/preppy. David Lee Roth came to the edge of the stage and grabbed my hand- placed it onto his spandex rhinestone Liberace pants crotch and moved it up and down. He then took a bottle of Jack and shook it up and down and tossed it up and over our heads- he said whats your name? Now you can tell all of your friends you touched David Lee Roth's dick. He kept coming back to our part of the stage on his knees- and gave me a hot pink bandana that I still own. My friend holly kept saying "Dude he is totally gonna give you a backstage pass!" I was actually sort of repulsed by the notion cause he was so soaked with sweat and looked a lot older in person. All the guys from the Auto mechanics wing in my H.S. saw me by the stage that night. When I went home I went into my mom's room and told her- remember that joy ride in the limo thing? She said ...what? and I said I think that I won that contest.
Anyway the rest of the year the burn out boys called me Kimberly lee roth