Tuesday, May 22, 2007

AMAZON PROMISE (my pal Patty Webster)

Hey, that's my awesome best friend Patty Webster. Patty and I have known each other since we were 13ish, not cuz we went to the same school or cuz we met at the mall or anything like that--oh, no, nothing like that...ME 'N PATTY met at a punk show in the Cass Corridor (Freezer Theatre--or it coulda been at a Motorhead show?) Patty had the raddest spiked hair ever, and she was/is super gorgeous so you always remembered Patty; she was tough and beautiful even when she was 13. We're not 13 but we are still punk so not much has changed...check out the above photos of Patty getting rad in Peru; that's pretty punk if you ask me! She lives in Iquitos and travels deep into the jungle bringing medicine and help to anyone who needs it, even to people who think she is an apparition or evil spirit (that was the time they had to airlift her out of the river during a freak monsoon just where Peru and Ecuador meet). Here is the deal: she is running a NON-PROFIT so it's always needing a little help--for anti-biotics, gauze, bandages,etc. A little donation can go a long way and hey, if you're feeling like you might just wanna head on down to Peru with the coolest jungle guide ever you can always go on an Amazon Promise trip.

"Want to make a real difference in global health matters? We take medical and non-medical volunteers into remote villages in the Peruvian Amazon to work alongside our Peruvian medical staff. Help us set up mobile medical clinics as you learn about traditional healing and explore new cultures."
I told you she's RAD

Amazon Promise

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Lindaloha said...

I just met Patty recently, as I purchased her sister Sue's Toyota. We have a lot in common and I'm hoping I can get down to Peru to see all that she's doing with Amazon Promise. She is one woman that is making positive difference in this planet!