Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Dream Syndicate "Days of Wine & Roses"

It's been a while since I have actually suggested some music, hasn't it? We did have some Van Halen tell-alls but did I really have to tell you to buy Van Halen? Probably not! The Days of Wine & Roses is one of those records that fell between the cracks. To me it's really a punk record but you know lots of indie rockers glommed it for themselves and it was a pretty major influence for all those guitar-riff-forever bands.... but who really cares about all that gobbledy gook? The Days Of Wine & Roses was released by the Dream Syndicate in 1982 (25 frickin years ago!@#!)...and it's still AWESOME. My personal faves are That's what you always say,When you smile & Until's not a perfect record...there are a couple of duds but the songs that rule are so GOOD that the duds disappear.
Sorry I couldn't find the vinyl except on GEMM for way too many $$
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sufferwords said...

Fine slab o'wax, she's on the ledge again, threatening everything, been there done that...yikes, you rule mama, the hills are on fire right up the street, yikes...