Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Free cool patterns all VIA Craftzine blog

Just to prove that I am not a cat hater (it's just an allergy, OK!) here is a sweet felted kitty bed...or chihuahua bed that's if you happen to have a little land shark chihuahua named LUCIA who likes soft beds

I love buttons and this just looks so friggin cute I wanna make it...when? I have no idea but one day maybe? Katie knits buttony sweater pattern

sexy, sweet, fitted...warm basically that perfect Sweater from indie knits

Alexander McQueen anyone? kimono jacket...first one to finish this one gets a margarita on me at Frankies 457, OK? you know who you are! (I might even throw in the Gnocchi)

notice the sweet little pocket for fold up ease? ok get crocheting folks...it's fun and easy and has none of that falling off the needles stuff. reduction tote bag

for that bee stung look

express sew shared this free cut and sew t-shirt pattern. just click on the image and print it.

All of these site are super cool...you could spend hours looking at the amazing patterns, ideas & thoughts from all of these talented makers...so check 'em out.
oh and remember this is all via CRAFTZINE CHECK IT OUT

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danconnortown said...

wow. I like the AlMcQueen Kimono vibe, and Nick Night makes alright photos too. But seriously, a KNITTED cat bed? Ridiculous. I mean, if ever there was a project called "Fur Trap" that sounds like the one. A knitted cat bed? ha ha! that's about as clever as my idea for a Fox Fur ashtray. I appreciate the concept, you know, snuffing out my smokes in a bed of fox fur, but could you imagine the task of removing all that cat (or Lucia) fur from a knitted bed? My goodness.