Thursday, May 24, 2007

Strawberry Mochi YUM

AWESOME a link for making your very own mochi! yum yum

**For people like me who don't have a microwave...i say just get it HOT & be sure to read through the recipe first :)**


K & S said...

Thanks! Hope you enjoyed it!

annulla said...

Sounds great, but I've never done any Japanese-style cooking. Where do you buy all those ingredients? Not the strawberries, but the mochiko, koshian and katakuriko?


HI pal...well there are a few japanese grocery stores in the "city" one is on Broome down towards sullivanish and the other one is above st. marks books OH and there is another one somewhere in the 30's + there is a giant amazing japanese mall...i know too good to be jersey just over the gw bridge. totally worth an amazing journey the book store is not to be believed.