Thursday, May 31, 2007

summer etsy finds

sweet little print sundress from Swan Clothing

So this is one of Kime's pals from Ohio...if I am remembering correctly and I just stumbled upon her etsy shop randomly, awesome huh cuz I have been coveting one of these necklaces....if anyone feels the need to gift me...I heart the Serge/Jane necklace : ) Petrosa Jewelry

ITBK's LOVELY and most wonderful pal JUSTIN Kutmah is finally offering up some of his beautiful artwork on shirts & totes you gotta make the purchase fast cuz knowing Justin this stuff is going to be SOLD OUT ASAP (oh yeah we just made a purchase heh heh heh) and who knows when it's going to be available again...this guy has an art career to look after just check him out here!
Kutmah's ETSY SHOP

Super cute & wow totally affordable for only $ does she do it? Serene Boutique

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hodge podge said...

oooh yeah i love those necklaces too! i like the alice b. toklas and just added the movie to my netflix! i am curious about these 'serene' dresses, if one person is really making them? they are coming from thailand and look suspiciously like they were made in a factory... but mayb she is just really good and $30 goes a much longer way in thailand?