Monday, May 21, 2007

U-Roy Natty Rebel or any of 'em really?

Hi and a happy Monday to Y'all! we had a spectacular started on Friday when the beautiful Castronovo family came for a feast bringing with them the wonderful gift of a Tagine, spices and their most wonderful culinary genius. So we feasted, drank & chatted while the girls (addie, sophie 'n louise) watched some Pee Wee Herman episodes, made some sweet art and laughed. On to Saturday the cookie making madness to prepare for the Sapling Society sale at Treehouse on Sunday. In order to fully feel the sugar, butter and flour creativity we needed something special....that's when we decided to turn to U-Roy (one of the fathers of Reggae) for inspiration....all we needed was a little of that U-Roy "WHHHAAAAHHHH" so here I am at this Monday morning post telling you if you wanna get in the mood to smile, move your body around, make some cookies, make-out and have a real good time just listen to some U-Roy.

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hodge podge said...

those were the most fantasmagoric cookies ever, and tasted so GOOOOD! i wish i brought a whole bunch home and was still eating them, but i was so overwhelmed by the end of the day i deliriously thought i never wanted to see another cookie again... but now i dream of them constantly!