Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bicycle For Sleeping Two by ROSSANGELES

If you really want to see the movie high mega style click on the link Bicycle For Sleeping Two
So if you haven't heard Edy, who you all saw in his starring appearance in Bicycle for sleeping or maybe drunk ok, was hit by a car in Los Angeles last week. Ross has once again documented a slice of Edy Lopez's life for us to see...I am going to throw in some extras...Edy is the guy that can turn any car into whatever you want it to be HE IS AMAZING not just with bikes but with just about anything. He is the guy that would take my old boss & lot of other pals cars 'n trucks and turn them into vintage future freak-out rides...I gotta say his vibe is the inspiration of lots of interior and exterior design in Los Angeles. anywhoo if you are feeling like making a donation towards his health you can email me and I will send you the INFO! (

ps those of you who know how rad Edy is please leave comments, OK!

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Beth said...

Thanks, I watched both, and Edy does seem to be immensely rad!