Monday, June 04, 2007

CInders "The Porch Show"

Well this sounds like a purdy good way to truly get our new york summer freak-out on...i mean all sorts of wonderful people (incredible creators & makers of all sorts of blow-your-mind kinda stuff) are working it out to bring the totally simple innocent feeling of chilling on the porch on a hot 'n muggy summer day...super pals, good times, lemonade and all! You just have to head on over to Cinders Gallery on June 8th until August 5th.

ps...ITBK can't wait to see Cal's beautiful, sentient, crocheted flowahs

Bright, Mel Kadel, Rich Jacobs, Erika Somogyi, Sean Samoheyl, Monica Canilao, Kelie Bowman, Florencio Zavala, Caroline Hwang, Brendan Monroe, Julie Morstad, Saviour Scraps, Jenny Hart, AJ Fosik, Jeana Sohn, Eric Beltz, Jacob Mickelson, Sto, the Polaroid Kidd, Matt Leines, Julien Langendorff, Tim Harrington, Ryan Woods, Matthew Feyld, Amanda Barr, and Richard Colman

"Community is as important as ever in our current political climate and with looming luxury condos threatening our neighborhood’s current makeup of longtime residents, families, artists, and small independent businesses, it is all the more necessary for us to come together. With this in mind, we present to you our second Porch Show.
The American front porch sets the stage for this exhibition, which aims to resurrect and embrace the porch as an outdoor living room where the public and private can merge, while ideas of community, Americana imagery, gentrification, and the role art plays in our daily lives are explored.
The 30 artists in the show all have unique voices that together can be heard as a representation of a loose-knit community of likeminded do-it-yourselfers that exist a little below the radar and yet are part of a thriving, positive, and artistically diverse new generation. Aesthetic commonalities abound, where a longing for nature, a fascination with animals, a playful sense of humor, and a decidedly critical look inward appear in different ways.
In addition, there are countless events planned to coincide with this show including live music on the porch, BBQs on the sidewalk and video art nights. With most of us confined to closet-sized apartments or holed up in an isolated loft building, the porch is often a missing element in our lives. So come out and join us!"
Cinders Gallery
103 Havemeyer st. btwn Hope + Grand st.
Williamsburg Brooklyn


Anonymous said...

I am an ex-Detroiter (former giant of the international auto industry) as well as a jazz fan and a writer. I bring these things up because they relate to your attempt to resurrect the "American front porch." Well, the American front porch is dead and gone and its never coming back. American culture is church, TV, and movies. Thats it. Morons sitting in their suburban homes, isolated from their neighbors and lost in a world of ghosts. Great time to be alive.


I can only think that I must know the ex-Detroiter who leaves comments on a "Detroiters" blog...what makes you an X?'s hard for me to comment since i know that what you say has a whole of truth to it but here in Red Hook...the land of the stoop (a nyc front porch) we have no tv, i know all of my neighbors & right now at this very moment I am sure many of our neighbors are having their morning coffee (or beer) sitting in front of their house on a fold up chair that they have sat in for the last 30 years. So to my fellow Detroiter, jazz lover & writer...maybe you should come and get some happy at cinders to see some folks that don't spend all their creative (that means extra time aka non-working time) time watching t.v. and isolated. ps. thanks for reading!