Thursday, June 07, 2007

Iron in Atwater Village

My pal Mike (yeah the tall, statuesque gorgeous mike THAT MIKE the one that makes the most amazing movies, always has the funniest jokes and is mom to 2 AMAZING girls)
opened up the coolest little shop in Atwater called Iron...basically you can pick whatever kind-a shirt you want...flip through an overwhelming amount of just the most kick-ass designs and voila you have a totally original & radical NEW shirt...personally I adore the Ricks drive-in photos (all taken by Mike over many years), the Indian head and wow the unicorn & girl (this has got to be on a shirt for Addie)
So if you are feeling like you might need some spice for your look stop by her spot in Atwater or just order's so easy to get rad just visit IRON! (mmmm and Tacos Villa Corona is just a few doors down)
Iron (Iron)
is located in Atwater Village,
3181 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles ,CA 90039
Phone: 323 663 5100
Send queries to:


-- said...

Love that shop! Made a t-shirt and haven't worn anything else.

Anonymous said...

whatever happened to the shop?