Friday, June 22, 2007

Philip K. Dick "A Scanner Darkly"

So I know most of you go see movies, have t.v. live "normal lives" over here at ITBK HQ seeing a movie is a serious rarity...reserved for anniverseries, birthdays and of course the bi-weekly toddler movie (a real zoo lemme tell ya) and as for t.v., both me 'n my hubby independent of each other have preferred to be t.v.-free for most of our lives (me because I would watch it all the time & I kinda can't stand it and him cuz he truly can't STAND IT). I am saying all of this because we missed out on all the trailers and definitely did not see the film "A Scanner Darkly" but we both have read it...I read it about 15 years ago and decided this morning to re-read it and--WOW! Philip K. Dick just RULES! The guy was a freakin mind-reading, savant, fortune-telling genius. How did he know the world is the way it is? He's just always so deep and here I am to tell you please, please READ Philip K. Dick! I mean, it's perfectly O.K. to go see any film you want but you really oughtta read the's uncool not to. He writes this totally awesome, out-there book, tells it like it is and then some other dude comes along and rewrites it to fit a movie? Ouch. Let me tell you their is only one Hampton Fancher...not only that, with a movie you are depending on all sorts of things to align in the universe: casting, costumes, sets etc. With a book it's so easy your brain does all the work; it's almost psychedelic, the notion of get my point? When you READ you get psychedelic with yourself.

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