Monday, June 11, 2007

Save RED HOOK soccer field vendors NOW

Well, y'all know that we live in Red Hook, Brooklyn...let me tell you a little bit about our beautiful little spot otherwise known as "the last exit to brooklyn":
we are surrounded by water on 3 sides (a peninsula just like my hometown MICHIGAN) we have crazy little (recovering) toxic canals that have all sorts of sea life coming back (sea horses, starfish, horseshoe crabs & the most beautiful vibrant red jellyfish). We have those beautiful red brick Civil War buildings with the big giant doors and windows with black iron shutters...We have row houses, brick & frame, loads of artist studios, an immense 1920's grain silo that sits right on the water, the Red Hook Houses (what used to be one of the toughest housing projects in the country), over 30 acres of park that includes an olympic size pool, a rubber running track and many soccer fields that have teams playing every weekend for the entire summer...and what makes this SOOOO special is that at least 20 or more vendors set up around the fields making the most amazing home made food and drink like pupusas, tuna soup, huaraches, ceviche, tacos, corn, mango, coconut, horchata & hibiscusade...oh and all sorts of fun for the kids! Oh guess what else is coming into our little teeny weeny little gem of a neighborhood??? Oh, only the largest Ikea in North America, bringing with it Hummers, parking lots on the water, and a large dose of vile corporate attitude...and I suppose with all the new construction and $$ coming into Red Hook the powers that be want to start an open bidding war on the food tents, i.e., make it so you have to pay big $$ to set up and make food. It sounds to me like they are trying to get rid of the soccer field vendors and replace them with, hmmm, "hot dog on a stick"? Or maybe some of those really crappy knishes that they sell all over town. So to all my readers from all over the universe could you please take a second and send a letter to these folks that might listen? just click HERE and be sure when you visit Red Hook, Brooklyn to check out our wonderful soccer vendors OK? and thanks!
ps thanks to Bob Hoffnar (pedal steel extraordinaire)

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hodge podge said...

omg i am DYING for some ceviche, pupusas, fish tacos and a nice, tall, cool HORCHATA!!! they're only there on weekends right? next saturday i am there!