Monday, June 25, 2007

Sexy Death Soda "California Police State"

HI pals...we are on our way to Cambridge to look for a living space but I wanted to tell you about this great band called Sexy Death Soda...if you wanna hear 'em you can click on my little radio and it's the first song you will hear. The band was made up of our pals Steve Hanft, Lisa Demoral, Pinto Vega & Rob Taylor. Basically they rule: it's totally just straight-up killer music--it's Rock 'n Roll music...remember that stuff? In-your-face, say-it-like-it-is, shred-the-guitar, have-the-best-drummer (who also happens to be the coolest, gorgeous & smart chick, the girl EVERYBODY had a huge crush on) and just play all the time..even if people are throwing punches & chairs. We listened to this record about 5 times this weekend & I bet we listen again on the way up to Cambridge...Cuz it makes you feel good especially when you are driving (you know that California feeling, right?)
Sexy Death Soda CD


leigh A. said...

We had sooo much fun back in the day
going to see "the sexy death soda"
Follow them to all the shows and
even the bad garage ones in the City
of Industry where if you turn on the
lights the whole floor would move
with bugs.

warm jet said...

I'm a bitter old guy.
Sorry Amy, don't really dig 'em!
Scenester rock???


Ok first off you have excellent taste in music and you aren't a bitter old guy OK!!!??!?! But I still think you would like the song called "naked Lady" and if you want i can repost it? it's all mixed in to the weekend jam post. anywhooo xooxxo