Friday, July 06, 2007

The Boys Next Door

Hi pals....i was trying to blog "The Boys Next Door" but I honestly could not find it on CD or vinyl ANYWHERE..I even checked, what is up with that? I mean, I get it when it's hard to find something cuz when "Door Door" came out it was liking finding gold if you spotted it for sale...and that also went with all the early Birthday Party 45s...but this is the digital age, so what gives? anyhoo I am going to upload a couple of tunes onto my fabulous new little *radio broadcast that is just to the right on my side bar...lemme know what you think. Oh, and here is the time sequence: Boys Next Door, Birthday Party (and then all the in-between projects...far too many to list) and then the Bad Seeds. I personally love this record; I know a lot of people might disagree with me but I stand true to it...even if it does have some rock sax! :)

**RADIO STATION: click on POST for the listing of songs cuz I posted 2 boys next door songs**
Shivers...have a great weekend xoxoxo kisses


warm jet said...

Nice find Amy,
I might have to cop it for this other site i post on sundays. (link on my site)
I do a Sunday kinda feel music posting and the site is great throughout!
Ck it.


dude take it take it....glad you dig it. i will check out Transafixion asap. xoxoox

leslie said...

The hero, the young Cave, I love you.