Friday, July 27, 2007

Echo Sessions with Larune & Finian McKean

So my honey (Finian), Kiley's honey (Pat) & a honey up for grabs (Kiernan)+ some extra special Frank Falcinelli harmonica has been recorded on analog tape and film FOREVER and you can check it out here + Laurune and an excellent description of the newly founded Periodic Label/Echo's a pretty rad music thing that's happening here in wonderful Red Hook.


Beth said...

I hadn't heard of Larune before. Very nice. Will check them out more....Thanks for posting the video. The Echo Sessions look like a pretty cool thing.


I know I had never heard of her either...she is in a band called Earl Greyhound (i think?) and I guess it was about 100 degrees in the studio when they did the shoot so it was slightly brutal conditions. Finny is playing on Wednesday at Sunny's if you wanna come. xoxo