Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Finian Mckean @ Sunny's in Red Hook 8/1

Well it's new to me but it seems as if Sunny's actually has a website...SHOCKING but true...now maybe they will start stocking Glenlivet for me, doubtful. So it's that time my dear darling friends...it's looking like the last time Finian McKean will be playing at Sunny's for a long time since we are moving at the end of August : ( So I am hoping that you will all wanna come down and bid us a fond adieu, check out the wonderful Finian Mckean shirts we made, pick up a cd and hopefully maybe we even might get a little hang time with Sunny, Tone & Francis.
Whom might you expect to see playing on Wednesday? hmmmm
Finian Mckean, Patrick Brennan, Kiernan Moriarty, Frank Falcinelli & Bob Hoffnar PHEW what a line-up...they can't be stopped...we are even thinking of letting Addie have her singing/songwriting debut (that's of course if she has a nap earlier : ))
Well pals much love and I hope we can bring in August at Sunny's on the 1st around 9ish it's an early night!

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