Monday, July 30, 2007

Hannah Clarke

Lou Zeldis

Ashley Watson


Hannah Clarke

Hannah Clarke

Hannah Clarke
Oh my goodness there is just so much going on these ever is anyone supposed to get anything done...with house hunting, moving & the hot heat of summer, I can't seem to get the mojo together to go and hang out in Hannah Clarke's world. Hannah Clarke is the proprietor of the most magical & enchanted little shop on 4th street just east of 2nd avenue in the village. Hannah's shop carries the beautiful hand-wrought designs (pictured above) that she makes in her studio in the back. Plus, strewn throughout the shop are treasures that Hannah has chosen from all over the world: totally innovative, organic and beautiful jewelry designed by Lou Zeldis, who lives in Bali and uses his nature finds as the substance of his work (the ring at the top); some beautiful Cal creations; XXX rug hook projects from Made with Sweet Love; Ashely Watson's bags (above); vintage cards & assorted ephemera. I still have a huge crush on the little bunny earrings with ruby eyes...and the ancient looking sea glass bracelets (Lou Zeldis) that were dripping across branches...and objets encased in a 100 year old display case (you gotta see it to believe it). OH MY GOSH I almost forgot to mention the amazing rings designed by Pitango and Ati (the 2 huge chunky rings 3rd and 4th down from top)--I can only say that to put one of these rings on is to never wanna take it off....ask Hannah I almost snaked hers right off her finger!

Hannah Clarke
60 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003
Open 12 - 7
Wednesday - Sunday

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Rudy Huxtable said...

the bunnies!! carrick gave me those for our anniversary and i LOVE them.